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Manufacturing of coils and transformers


  • Measurement and calculation
  • Alpha and Beta prototyping before mass production
  • Low, medium, and high-volume manufacturing
  • Traceability system for manufacturing
  • Complete supply chain management
  • Varnish and epoxy resin application
  • Laboratory testing
  • Packaging for the delivery of your products

Technical capabilities:

  • Functional testing
  • Winding from 41 AWG to 10 AWG gauge
  • Heavy-duty winding machines for heavy gauge
  • Dip and pressure welding
  • Wire and terminals application

At InElectronic, we have the technology for the development and manufacturing of copper wire windings for the electronics industry. Transformers, Autotransformers, Coils, Solenoids, and Toroidal windings, are part of the products we can manufacture.

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